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“Dairy” a sector which touches our daily life in so many ways, beyond our imagination. When was the last time we bothered our daily milk quality and decided to do something about it? This is the very idea of Mmilk (Mohan Milk Processing Plant); a start-up milk company which brings lot of un-matched promises in dairy sector to the table.We hear terms like fresh, pure and quality. Mmilk brings these terms in reality; we collect our milk from within 100-200 Kms radius from our processing plant and distribute fresh milk in nearby area. Make sure all our milk is fresh and pure with no powder added. As of today, we collect about 30,000 Liter of milk every day for our collection milk-based products.No milk story can ever be completed without mentioning “Cow”. We at Mmilk understand this fact and to provide full 3600 spectrum of quality right from farm to shelf, In year 2011 Mmilk decided to start its own dairy farm in pristine hills of Himalayas. Today we are the largest certified organic dairy farm in Himalayas. 

Fresh and Pure Milk

We collect fresh milk, and ensure that it undergoes stringent quality check, secret to   deliver ‘Fresh and Pure’ milk (and its products) to our customers. Our fresh milk products doesn’t include any added powder. 

Our Products

Our Own Farm Fresh Cow Milk

With many milk aggregator companies as our competitor, we decided to have our own Dairy farm to cater fresh farm cow milk and its products. This milk is strictly antibiotics and hormone free.

Dairy Farm

Our Organic Food

“Sorna Valley” a small scenic valley situated in Himalayas in Uttrakhand. This is where our dairy farm is located at. The place of origin of our Organic Milk product offering, we offer our organic milk products under “Himalayan Valley” as brand name.

Milk Processing

What Is Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose Intolerance, is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world today. This is simply due to people frequently over the years confusing it for ‘milk allergy’. So, to address this misconception, the question that needs to be asked is, what exactly is lactose intolerance? Here is ‘Mmilk’ then, presenting to you a few facts about this medical condition, which shall answer the question asked above in totality.

About Us

Our Story

Started KUDF with modest 200 cows from south India with dream of providing quality milk to its customers. Chosen Himalayas location as a natural partner to help us bring quality and taste in our products.

Our Story

Started Mmilk processing plant in Roorkee Uttrakhand with 100,000 lts per day capacity, here the quality mantra is procuring local process locally and distribute locally.

Our Story

Journey of Organic milk started with our KUDF dairy becomes organically certified, chapter of organic milk and its milk products started taking shape.

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Fresh Milk

Full Cream Milk

Toned Milk

Double Toned Milk

Standard Milk

Family Milk

Dahi (Curd)

Fresh Dahi Cup and Pouch

Lite Dahi Cup and Pouch

Fresh Dahi Matka 5 Kg, 15 Kg

Lite Dahi Matka 5 Kg

Paneer, Chaas and Pure Ghee

Creamy Paneer

Classic Paneer

Masala Chaas

Plain Chaas

Pure Ghee

Organic Cow Ghee

Organic Pure Cow Ghee

Organic Pure Cow Ghee – Export Purpose

Journey Of Our Milk

Fresh from dairy farm and village collection to Shelf

Although there are numerous farm supplies which ends up at journey in store shelf. What make milk a super special food than any other farm supply.Milk is a live food, where its beneficial live cell to be preserved till the very end of its consumption.“Idea of Mmilk” is to start a dairy eco system which is local local and local. Procure Local, Process Local and Sell local. So that its natural freshen is intact naturally.

Our Cow Dairy Farm

Started in 2011 with 200 odd cows, later to become the largest certified organic dairy farm in The Himalayas. This dairy farm is completely modern. With absolutely no human touch to milk, hormone free and antibiotics free cows, roaming in pristine hill of Himalayas; make us proudly say ``we bring Himalayas to you via our dairy cow milk``.

Milk Collection to Processing

Mmilk owns all functions of milk business which is essential in order to provide quality milk and products, it has its own VLC (village level collection) units, large and ultra-modern processing plant and strong sales and distribution channel to support it.Currently Mmilk supplies milk in area of Uttrakhand and west UP.


What Is Artificial Growth Hormone, And How Does It Affect Cow Milk

Artificial Growth Hormone, essentially is a synthetically generated ‘class of chemical’ that stimulates growth in living beings. Now, within many dairy industries all around the globe, an increased use of synthetic hormones in cattle has become a common phenomenon. So, the questions to be asked...

What Is Lactose Intolerance?

Naturally प्राकृतिक Lactose Intolerance, is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world today. This is simply due to people frequently over the years confusing it for ‘milk allergy’. So, to address this misconception, the question that needs to be asked is, what exactly is lactose...

Things You Need To Know About Mycoplasma Bovis Infection

In dairy industries around the globe, ‘cattle’ are often affected by infectious agents. One such organism is a bacteria known as ‘Mycoplasm Bovis’.It’s unique feature being, an ability to affect only cows, and no other animal on the dairy farm. Now, since cattle forms such an integral part of...

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Our products are available at Uttarakhand Garhwal Region and West UP
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