Cows form an integral part of the lucrative dairy industry all over the globe. Have you ever wondered then, why this animal species is so important to the industry? In case you have not, then do not worry, because we at ‘Mmilk’ are going to present you a short study, which will reveal some vital information that you need to know about this animal. So, here are some of those things……

a. Facts about Cows that you need to know about:

‘Social’ is a word that best describes ‘Cows’. This animal loves to live together in the form of a large group, which is technically referred to as a ‘herd’. Furthermore, it is also colour blind to ‘red and green’. It is at a rhythm of about 60-70 beats per minute, that the heart of this ‘friendly’ animal functions. In addition, it chews on its food approximately for about 50 times per minute. It actually does not chew the grass, but curls its tongue around it. In terms of weight, it weighs approximately 1200 pounds, has a 360 degree extensive vision, and possesses an average body temperature of 101.5 degree F. With regards to milk production, this animal generates about 8 gallons (70 lbs) of milk on a daily basis.

b. Cow breeds, what do they comprise of?

Statistically speaking, with regards to Cows there exist more than ‘800’ cattle breeds all around the globe. Furthermore, these breeds are divided into species and subspecies. Some popular breeds found around the world are as follows:

  1. Angus.
  2. Holstein Friesian.
  3. Hereford.
  4. Shorthorn.
  5. Charolais.
  6. Galloway.
  7. Simmental.
  8. Brahman.
  9. Limousin.
  10. Scottish Highland.

c. Holstein Friesian Cattle, the cow breed we use at ‘Mmilk’, what is it?

‘Holstein Friesian’ breed of Cows is what we at ‘Mmilk’ dairy farm mainly use. Now, the question to be asked is, what exactly makes this breed so special? So, here is then presenting to you a few facts about this cattle breed that you need to know.

  1. This breed originates from Holland (i.e Netherlands) and northern Germany. They are found in the provinces of Friesland (Holland) and Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany) respectively.
  2. They are considered to a cattle breed which is responsible for producing the highest amount of dairy products.
  3. In Europe, it is the southern part that uses this breed for its milk. While the northern region makes use of it for its meat.
  4. This breed is known for characteristic markings which comprise of: black and white or red and white in colour typical ‘piebald pattern’.
  5. A healthy Holstein calf weighs about 40 to 50 kg (75-110 pounds) or maybe a little more at birth. On the other hand, an adult weighs about 680-770 kg (1500-1700 pounds), and stands tall at a height of about stands 145-165 cm (58-65 inches).
  6. The gestation period (carrying of an embryo or foetus) in this cattle breed lasts for about 9.5 months.
  7. In a year (currently) this breed produces 7,655 litres/year of milk, via an average of 3.2 lactations (process in which milk is secreted via mammary gland of any cattle breed).

Having discussed all the vital information about Cows above, we (Mmilk) are hoping that this article provides all things you need to about cattle as well as the breed we use at our farm called ‘Holstein Friesian’.

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