There are certain concepts in the dairy industry that are ambiguous. One such intriguing notion, is related to what is referred to ‘Pus in Milk’. Now, the question to ask is, what exactly pus in milk entail, and does it really exist or is it a myth? So, to answer this two part question, ‘Mmilk’ is presenting to you a detailed analysis of this unique concept, which shall hopefully provide for all the answers you seek.

a. What exactly is Pus in Milk and does it exist?

There is a belief in the mind’s of many people around the globe that there exist ‘Pus in Milk’. However, this concept according to certain countries such as Canada is a myth since, milk obtained from a dairy farm usually comprises of somatic cells which are essentially believed to be animal cells. Furthermore, a pus in fact comprises of debris of white blood cells, dead skin cells and bacteria. In other words, milk extracted from a dairy farm consists of somatic cells only. It is the quantity of these cells (somatic) present in the milk which ultimately determines its quality.

b. Is there Pus in Organic Milk?

Now, with regards to ‘Pus in Milk’ as described in previous paragraph, it is obvious that according to countries such as Canada there exist no such entity. However, there are nations such as United Kingdom that believe that somatic are actually pus cells So, be it your regular or organic milk, it is very hard to say whether they contain pus cells or not, since the term pus nor somatic have not been properly differentiated by definition.

c. Pus in milk, and its UK connection

Apparently, in UK (United Kingdom), with regards to ‘Pus in milk’ issue, the dairy industry allows up to 400 million somatic cells to be existing in milk. Now, according to the milk industry in England, these cells (somatic) are termed as ‘pus’. It is believed over here that these cells (white) are a product of a condition in cows known as ‘Mastitis’ (inflammation of the udder).

And so, as per the analysis undertaken above by ‘Mmilk’ it is obvious that, the pus in milk issue shall forever remain a debate in human society.

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