When you think about the dairy industry the question that must pop up in your head is, how does a cow manage to produce milk on a daily basis? Now, the answer to this curiosity filled question lies in a sharp detailed analysis. It is therefore, for this reason that we (Mmilk) are providing you with a feature article containing facts, which shall (hopefully) explain to you the reason behind why a cow generates milk regularly? To know more please continue to read…..

a. How do Cows produce milk all the time?

‘Quality nutrition’ is what enables a Cow to generate milk on a daily basis. In terms of the cattle diet, great care must taken to see to that it is balanced. Furthermore, the food that the cattle must be fed in order to generate high ‘quality’ milk in large ‘quantity’ must include a healthy balance of the following:

1. Hay, which is prepared from a mix of dried grass or alfalfa.
2. Feed grains, which is made from a mix of corn, barley, wheat, and oats.
3. Silage, which basically a mix of fermented crops which include grass, corn, and barley.

In addition, to the above mentioned feed the cattle must also be given proportionate amounts of protein supplements as well as vitamins and minerals. It is then a combination of a well balanced feed and vital nutrients which when fused, and given to the cattle provides it energy, which eventually helps in stimulating milk production.

b. Cow milk production process, what does it entail?

The milk production process begins with, the Cow to be milked being brought together in a group. They then are routed to what is known as the ‘milking parlour’ on the dairy farm. It is in this parlour that the cattle is put thorough inspection, and the ‘teats’ (nipple) are cleaned. The milking equipment is then attached to the ‘udder’ of the cow. The milk is then allowed to flow into tubes through vacuum into a stainless steel tank. Once the milk is extracted from the cattle, the milk equipment is removed from their nipple. They (cattle) are then taken back to farm. The milking of a cow usually takes 5 to 8 minutes. In addition, this process needs to be undertaken twice a day at 12 hour intervals. However, in many farms milking may occur thrice a day as well. It must also noted that a dairy cow generally enjoys a milking process that follows a predictable schedule.

c. Dairy Cow facts related to the process of milking:

‘100 pounds’ of a well balanced diet (as discussed above) is what a Cow undergoing the milking process needs to consume in a day. In addition, it also needs to consume about 30 to 50 gallons of water per day, if undergoing the process of milking. Above all, a health well fed dairy cow should be able to produce about 7 to 9 gallons of milk per day.

And so, having explained key facts about how a cow produces milk, we (Mmilk) are hoping that this article answers all your queries pertaining the process called ‘Milking’.

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