In the dairy industry, there are a number of milk processing techniques that are used. Now, the question that will pop up in anyone’s mind is, what are those methods? If you too are seeking the answer to this question then do not worry, because we (Mmilk) are going to explain what processing of milk is, and enumerate to you a list of methods that are used regularly in dairy industries all around the globe. So here goes…….

a. Milk processing definition, what is it?
Milk processing is basically a method used in dairy industries which helps in converting the raw form of animal milk to its refined version.

b. Milk processing methods, what are they?
There are a number milk processing methods that are used in dairy farms around the globe. They are as follows:

1. Pasteurization: In this method, the milk is processed by heating it at temperature of 72 degree Celsius for 15 seconds. It is a very effective technique because it kills most of the disease causing organisms without affecting the milk. This process has named so in honour of French chemist Louis Pasteur.

2. Homogenisation: This process involves the breaking down of fat in milk into small particles. This is done so as to prevent layer of cream from forming on surface of milk.

3. UHT Process: Also referred to as Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) in this process milk is exposed to a temperature of 136 degree Celsius for 4 seconds. Furthermore, all microbes that are not killed during Pasteurization is killed in this method.

4. Standardization: In this process the fats are removed from milk and reduced to 3.3% of the total milk content.
Sterilisation: Is yet another process involving heat treatment which enables the complete destruction of bacteria in milk.

And so, having enumerated the most commonly used milk processing, we (Mmilk) hope that you find the answer you seek in this analysis.

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