Milk products are usually produced by what is known as Dairy Farming. Now, you must be wondering as to what does this type of farming actually consist of? And so to satisfy this curiosity we at ‘Mmilk’ present to you a feature article, which shall hopefully explain all the essential facts that you need to know about this form of ‘agriculture’. Here is then the analysis.

a. Dairy farming information, what is it?
‘A class of agriculture involved in long term milk production’ is how the term Dairy Farming is defined. Furthermore, this type of farming includes a ‘farm as well as a ‘plant’, where the milk is processed. It is thus this combination of the two which comprises of a ‘dairy’. In this form of farming a number of animal species such as goats, sheeps, cows, and camels are used. However, it is dairy cows that are mainly used all around the world. In addition, donkey is increasingly being used to produce milk in Italy, and is fast gaining popularity within the country.

b. In dairy farming, what are the types of Dairy farms available?
There are four types of farms commonly used in Dairy Farming. They are as follows:

1. Extensively Grazed Dairy Farms: Which is suitable for farms that are located in countries possessing warm climates. This farm mainly requires moderate rainfall and warm soil temperatures.

2. Pasture-Based Dairy Farms: In this type of farm the cattle is allowed to graze in the open field during summers, and is protected by a shed during winter. It is also known as ‘grass based dairy farm’.

3. Housed Dairy Farms: In this form the cattle is managed and maintained under a controlled environment. The cattle (in other words) is kept under a ‘shed’ throughout the year.

4. Experimental Dairy Farms: This farm is unconventional and makes use of several farming techniques. Eventually, it helps providing you with the safest way to produce milk products.

c. How to start a dairy farm, in the world of Dairy Farming?:
A good plan is needed for setting up a farm in the Dairy Farming sector, and include the following elements. They are:

1. A basic business plan.
2. Setting up cropping and feeding programs for the cattle.
3. Creating an ideal waste management system.
4. Setting up a stable infrastructure which include land, equipment, cattle etc.
5. A biological system that will help in the maintenance of health pertaining cattle and its calves needs to be set.
6. Understanding the art of managing the dairy business using expertise of experienced consultants.

d. Is dairy farming profitable with regards to business?:
Generally speaking, Dairy Farming is most definitely profitable in relation to business. However, various factors such as quality of the feed given to the cattle, quality of milk processing equipment used, and quality of its cattle and its health management, must be checked for. If these factors are not taken into consideration then, venturing into the dairy business will prove unprofitable.

e. Successful dairy farming, how is it achieved?
It is by combining a few factors, that successful Dairy Farming can be achieved. They are as follows:
1. Maintenance of animal health.
2. Ensuring high quality milk processing which includes hygiene.
3. Providing for high quality nutrition (feed and water) to animals.
4. Treating and looking after animals on the farm very well (welfare).
5. Maintaining a clean environment around the dairy.
6. Establishing good socio-economic management practices such as effective management of human resources.

And so, here is hoping that the analysis provided above by us (Mmilk) sufficiently answers all your queries regarding Dairy Farming.

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