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The Journey of ‘Mmilk’ began, when: Rohit (44), Shishir (39) and Mrinalini (41) joined forces to set up this diary in the state of Uttarakhand near Dehradun, in close proximity to the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas. They do not belong to the dairy industry, and have set up this farm out of pure ‘passion’ for the ‘ Dairy Business’. While Rohit is an engineer having obtained a postgraduate degree in business management, and worked for some of India’s leading telecom brands, Shishir a software engineer has worked for many Fortune 100 companies globally returned to India to start farming business. And Mrinalini has obtained Phd degree in horticulture from Pant Nagar University Uttrakahnd brings a natural partnership in Mmilk. 

‘100% fresh cow milk’ is the concept used at the Mohan Milk (Mmilk). It is located at the  Shiv Ganga Industrial Estate in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. This processing unit is fully automated with ultra modern dairy equipment, and an ethical work culture is followed by our workforce over here. Presenting below are few salient features about this Milk Processing Unit of Mmilk:

    • The Unit has capacity of producing  100,000 liters per day.


    • It is capable of processing 100,000 liters milk into liquid milk, curd, dahi, paneer, cream, butter, ghee or any other milk products.


    • It is currently collecting about 30,000 liters per day for our Mmilk brand.


    • Mmilk supplies milk in Uttrakhand and West UP area.


  • Our Dairy Farm is the largest certified organic fairy farm in The Himalayas



“We knew that if we have to be innovative in our approach and give quality to our customers; we have to learn about dairy farming right from making cattle feed to customer table” comments Shishir. And hence we started our dairy farm to supplement our milk processing plant. That way we are very much alike from other milk aggregate companies.  

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Own Feed

With regards to feed provided to the cattle at KUDF Dairy Farm, Rohit says “One important fundamental of any successful dairy farm lies in its feed”. He further adds that “Quality is the center idea of Mmilk, and hence we make our own feed for cows”. This again become one of the USP for Cow Milk and organic milk line of products.

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Quality Demand

In relation to the quality of milk and its products provided by Mmilk, Rohit states that “We started our cattle farm in 2011, had a very tough time but did not lose heart, it’s an honest approach to serve our consumers and present the highest standard of milk & products”. He further adds that, “Now, it’s our customer’s turn to demand quality and get it from MMilk”.

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Where to Buy

Our products are available at Uttarakhand Garhwal Region and West UP
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